Sunday, September 18, 2011

Five boys gang rape female student of Abia State University (VIDEO)

Screen shot of the gang rape of ABSU student. I used my camera phone to take a shot from the rape video

My whole weekend messed up. I saw a video that has messed with my head. A rape video. One hour of five boys taking turns on a girl. So heartbreaking to watch! One woman I showed it to today cried for three hours's one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life

female student was gang raped by five boys in Abia State University. This incident happened Tuesday August 16th , 2011. These boys raped this girl, recorded it, passed it round their friends, who then passed it round ABSU campus. 

And do you know what her offense was, why this girl was raped? She supposedly insulted one of the boys...that was all.

In the rape video, which lasts for over an hour, the girl cried her eyes out and tried to fight them off in the first few minutes, after a while they subdued her; by slapping her, rough handling her, threatening to kill her and having rough sex with her. After a while she gave in and instead of fighting, she started pleading, and after her pleas fell on deaf ears, she begged them to kill her that she couldn’t take the pain anymore. These boys laughed at her, made fun of her and told her that if she didn't co-operate, they would keep her in the room and continue raping her for two days.

Please continue to read this horrid story ...

Then she starts mentioning names, saying ‘What did I ever do to you’, (they spoke in English and Igbo language) she mentioned at least two names. 

And in between, you will hear her scream out in pain as one guy stands up and another penetrates her...and all the while, these boys are laughing. 

In the video, you can clearly see the girl’s face; the boys faces you really can’t see clearly... but they talk a lot and one of them said he’s a 4th year law student, another one said he’s an IT student...names were mentioned...these boys can be fished out. 

This girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend, and God’s creation. You cannot do this to another human being and get away with it.

I have the hour of it on my laptop, and 10 minutes of it on my phone...but the rape was more than an hour, she went through this ordeal for several hours. Uploading this video online is not an option, but I want people who can do something about this to see it. 

These boys can’t get away with this. Please if there’s any Women Rights Group, police, lawyers, journalists, who can take this up, please contact me; I will bring the video to you, wherever you are or send via email.

Meanwhile, a friend and I contacted one of the aides of the Governor of Abia State today, and he told us categorically that the Governor of Abia State, Theodore Orji, has seen the video and plans to take it up on Monday Sept 19th. I’m in touch with them – let’s see what they do about this.

And whoever you rapists are; you don’t mess with God’s creation. The God I serve will never let you get away with this. HE is coming after you! Just watch! You bastard animals!

SOURCE: Linda Ikeji's Blogspot

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  1. Hi,
    Please can you remove the link to the video..because you spreading the video is not any better than being the perpetrator of the heinous crime...Thank you and God bless you as you take it down...

  2. Can I get d real video link?